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Sabtu, 07 November 2009

iPhone 3G Factory - Unlocked

This afternoon I get an iPhone 3G, a smartphone that I've been waiting a long time. In this review, I will compare and lack of improvement compared with the first generation.

3G iPhone is not officially available in Indonesia, but in countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the iPhone be sold without a contract, or in more familiar terms with the Factory Unlocked. Where we can use a GSM sim of any service without a contract and of course the price is very expensive relative to now. For the standard $ 11,500 dollars, iPhone 3G, black 16GB capacity this I get the price of $980. of course the price is very expensive and risky because these things do not get a warranty guarantee in Indonesia since that has not officially marketed by Apple here.


Thick box iPhone 3G box exactly like the previous generation, but added 3G writing course. iPhone 3G is also available in 2 colors, namely black and white. Colors are located on the back cover from the body. There's also a storage capacity of 8GB and 16GB.
There are in the Box

The items contained in the box are:

* IPhone
* Manual, stickers, and cleaning cloth iPhones, all included in the package 1 black.
* Earphone with mic and controller.
* Charger
* USB cable to the iPhone, can plug into your computer and can also plug into the charger.
* Clips clips thin as a book for the sim card out of its slot.

Similar Front With First Generation

Similar Front With First Generation

External Speaker:

One thing that bothered me in the first generation iPhone is very poor quality of external speakers located at the bottom left. The voice broke when we listen to the song using the external speakers, so the need to use the equalizer by setting "Bass Reducer" to minimize the sound that seemed broken.
External Mic, iPod port and Mic

External Mic, iPod port and Mic

Apple seems to listen to complaints from its customers first-generation iPhone with an external quality improvement speakers located in the second generation, or what we usually call the iPhone 3G. The voice sounds more firm and not broken. Is certainly one important improvement from the first generation.

3G Connection:

EDGE technology (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) that is used in the first generation is very slow. Ok to open the light sites, but access remains slow will bother us for browsing. The use of 3G technology in this new generation is one of the most anticipated feature of the iPhone buyers.

Performance improvement that I experienced and felt significant. Surely a stable 3G connection is also required. So the choice of the appropriate 3G operators very important role here.

The use of 3G technology is certainly a little more battery drain than using EDGE technology.

Homescreen with more icon:

In the first generation, the homescreen on your iPhone can not be moved as the second generation, so not much to put a shortcut icon application. On the iPhone 3G, on the homescreen can also slide it so that it can contain many shortcut icon. Of course, this feature is provided by Apple for the current user is able to load lots of applications on the iPhone via free or paid applications that can be obtained through the AppStore.

AppStore and iTunes Store:

Two of these features is very exciting, when if you already have an account and credit in the USA iTunes Store. You can simply buy an application or download a free, and purchase songs directly from iTunes via your iPhone. Like a music store in your pocket.


chassis parts made from aluminum and the rear black plastic we meet on the first generation was removed and replaced all the plastic casing of high quality. Surely more plastic casing does not block the signal from the network and the design makes the rear of the iPhone is more consistent than previous generations. But the lack of plastic material is to be a gathering place for the oil found on our fingers.
Oil fields

Oil fields

The back is a gathering place for the oil to make the iPhone look less attractive. But the real conditions are not too bad as the picture above photo.

In front of the screen also remains a gathering place for oil because our finger friction to control the iPhone. The use of anti-scratch on the screen can overcome this problem, but it will make the screen look more matte and less impressed with the light.

My experience using the first generation iPhone, the screen quality of glass is very good. With wiped to dress, the screen looks clean again without leaving blisters. It's really Apple's attention when making this product and certainly applies to this second generation.

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