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Jumat, 06 November 2009

Blackberry Gemini - cheap with luxury features

Blackberry lovers, you would have heard it often enough Blackberry Curve 8520 mobile phone aka Gemini, which is low end handsets made by Research in Motion (RIM). Unfortunately, as of early September this smartphone still can not enter Indonesia for some reason. But do not worry, Review1st been holding and fiddling with the Blackberry Curve 8520, or we briefly with familiar call, Gemini. Well, to satisfy your curiosity and that not disappointed or disappointment before buying, here's a special review of Review1st.

1st LOOK

The main points of course Blackberry Gemini prices are 'cheap'. That is, this is the type of Blackberry with the most affordable price than his brothers who had already been circulated in the market.

For the record, this handset that is the product reviewed Black Market (BM) is not the official version on the market for Indonesia. Actually there was no significant difference with the official version except for the warranty and 'maybe' logo include product owner. For example on Gemini Blackberry that we use are made T-Mobile phone at the bottom.

Okay, let's start in terms of design reviews. Physically, the BlackBerry 8520 aka Gemini have a view like Javelin or the Tour (the same descent Curve series) with a QWERTY keypad 36. But, Gemini is more petite and able to fully grasped by the hand. In effect, the button became smaller.

the body's dynamic and less rigid, lightweight impressed because the components
casing made of plastic with a rubber combination. Gemini's unique BlackBerry smartphones including resilient. In the experiment tossed to the floor from a height of 1 meter, this phone remains intact no one any less.


Revolution in Gemini Blackberry trackpad is used as a substitute for a navigation trackball which is quite identical with the product manufacturer RIM. Create information only so that no wonder, trackpad is the button that rely navigation sensors that are sensitive to touch. Maybe if the laptop is almost like a touch pad mouse replacement. Box model as usual D-pad, and when tested Review1st quite sensitive to touch. Our conclusion, trackpad on the Gemini can be an alternative that is not less powerful than the trackball.

Gemini blackberry_gemini_8520_11Blackberry use v4.6.1 operating system, equivalent to the Javelin and the Bold. Of course not as sophisticated Storm with v4.7.1. View the smartphone is similar to his elder brother Javelin both icons and menus.

Standard Blackberry features are buried in this smartphone. Starting from Push Mail, which can be used to subscribe to the service BIS / BES service. 10 supported email accounts plus the automatic settings. BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Windows Live and AIM. There is also Office To Go, but still a trial version. Memo pad, Voice Note, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter (application center).

2-megapixel camera but not equipped with LED flash and auto focus. In addition, the available music player / video, Image / Picture Viewer, Voice recording and a few games. Unfortunately, the internal memory is only 256 MB (shared). Meanwhile, applications from outside could only be installed to internal memory.

But for many other things like storing files or data available external memory slot for microSD cards. Not bad, for you who likes to store various digital data in the phone.

A little disappointment on this smartphone, namely the lack of internal GPS receiver, although the available digital maps. Network was only supported EDGE class. But a little relieved by the presence of WiFi, Bluetooth and microUSB data cable.

In class, BlackBerry Gemini to produce options for office needs and to the internet through BIS service. Images though still solid body of material quality somewhat decreased. But if you look at the features completeness affairs, still less with few rivals (example: Nokia E63) at a price range not far different.

Plus: Pushmail, BIS / BES, Wi-Fi, trackpad
Minus: There is no internal GPS, not 3G

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